The key to developing a first class pointing dog is using low stress, positive training techniques, and that is just what we offer here at Dog Years.  We have the grounds, birds, and experience to turn your prospect into a stylish, intense, yet biddable hunting partner or trial contender.  Because we put the dog first and tailor the training to each individual dog, we are able to start earlier and produce a polished bird dog sooner than you might imagine.  We are able to start with puppies as young as five months of age and help them develop all of the natural talents that they inherited at birth.

Our three month program begins with Yard Work, progresses through Search and Pattern development, Handling to the whistle, Pointing, Steadiness to wing and shot, and finally Backing.  And of course, your dog will look good doing all of it. 

We encourage and welcome owners to visit their dogs in training, and we maintain an open line of communication with you, to keep you apprised of your dog's progress.  A comprehensive demonstration and tutorial is provided when you pick up your trained dog.

If you have any questions about our hunting dog service, please contact us today.



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