Dog Years Training and Boarding Center, LLC

From Jake and Tara B., Colorado Springs, CO:

We just wanted to send you a formal thank you for taking such good care of Cadence.  You really went above and beyond as far as we're concerned and far exceeded our high expectations.  We're enjoying her so much more now that she has some discipline. We're very excited about hunting with her and even more excited about having her as a family companion.

From Michael H., Charlotte, NC:

I purchased Colt, my Boykin Spaniel, with the intention of training him myself to be a versatile hunting dog, a dog that would retrieve, flush, and track.  I did my own training for about a year before getting in contact with Kirk at Dog Years about some training.  Colt had taken to a lot of the things I had introduced to him but we were having problems with consistent performance and obedience.  After my first phone call with Kirk, I knew Dog Years would be the place to fine tune Colt's previous training.  Kirk, unlike many trainers, was willing to take in a dog that was a little over a year old and had previous training.  Colt was at Dog Years for just two months, but in that short time, not only did Kirk perfect Colt's obedience, he trained him to sit to a whistle, run marks, be steady to wing and shot, etc.  Colt left Dog Years field ready and with an even greater desire to work than when he arrived.  Kirk's facilities are some of the best and he truly cares for the dogs.  I got regular updates on how he was doing and never once did I question whether Colt should be there.  Thanks Dog Years, you helped form the first hunting dog I have had and he has been a great pleasure because of Kirk!


From Tyler A., Shelby, NC:

I want to say seeing Griz work birds is truly a spectacle. Griz has a desire to please.  Kirk was able to tap into that desire.  Not only did Kirk bring out Griz's ability to hunt birds but was able to have him heel and whoa. If you know Griz that is a challenge because Griz has a lot of energy and loves to retrieve.  The methods of Kirk's training does not force the dog to do it but to do it out of desire.  That gives a dog the ability to be both a hunter and a family dog.  This brings me to the fact that while Griz was with Kirk at Dog Years I knew he was being taken care of as if he were at home.  Dog Years is a great place for training and boarding your dog.


Testimonials Part II

From Brooke and Reuben, Fincastle, VA:

Dog Years was very beneficial for both me and my dog.  Since I have two children and I knew he was going to be a big dog I wanted him to have some training.  Kirk taught me how to properly handle him and Reuben learned how to mind on the leash.  He learned to pay attention to me or whoever had him including the kids.  Kirk made a big difference in how well mannered my dog turned out.  I would highly recommend Dog Years to anyone with any breed of dog.