Versatile Hunting Dogs are a specialty at Dog Years.  We have the experience to train your dog for a variety of tasks and for several different testing and hunting activities.  A versatile hunting dog must have an array  of skills, including Search, Pointing, Steadiness, Waterwork, retrieves of game birds, ducks, rabbits, foxes, blood tracking, obedience, and cooperation.  Therefore, our Versatile Hunting Dog program combines the elements of our Pointing Dog, Retriever, and Obedience programs, and expands on them in order to bring out all of the abilities of your versatile dog.

Our training tiers are structured to help you succeed in any test you might enter, and we tailor the program to the particular test you are undertaking.

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Reservations are made only after speaking on the telephone and submission of a deposit.  Deposits are non-refundable, unless Dog Years finds it necessary to cancel for any reason.


Versatile Hunting Dog Training

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