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From Judie L., Brisbane, Australia:

I would like to thank Kirk McConnor at Dog Years Training and Boarding Centre (Shelby, North Carolina) for taking a risk with being part of my quest to import a German-bred GSP (Deutsch Kurzhaar) from Germany to Australia.  After only communicating with Kirk via phone and e-mail from Australia, it was established that this was going to be a HUGE adventure for both parties.

The whole process from the start in Germany to America and then the actual import process into Australia was time consuming and Kirk went above and beyond to make all of the processes run smoothly.  In the 7 months that Daisy vom Hegeholz was at Dog Years, Kirk was patient, honest, understanding, and tolerant of my many phone calls and e-mails over those months. Daisy had hunting, retrieving, and obedience training and was treated like one of his own dogs.

In October 2013, Daisy flew from America into Sydney, Australia for 30 days of quarantine.  During the whole quarantine period, Kirk was in contact with me about Daisy's health and well being.  Daisy arrived home in Brisbane, Australia on November 30, 2013.

I personally can see in Daisy that Kirk prepared her for the big trip to Australia with her training and the attention he gave her over the 7 months she was at Dog Years.  Since arriving home, Daisy has been obedient and loves to retrieve.  She takes on every task we set her with great enthusiasm.  Her personality alone has shown me that she was very much a part of the Dog Years family.

I will be forever grateful to Kirk for taking on this project.  I highly recommend Kirk McConnor at Dog Years Training and Boarding Centre (Shelby, North Carolina) to anyone.


From Brian C., Davidson, NC:

I purchased a Shorthair pup with full intentions of training her myself -but quickly realized that it was going to be a long, tough process.

After speaking with Kirk on the phone I signed Blitzen up for several months of training. I was very impressed with the set-up Kirk has - air conditioned kennel with runs, personalized attention the dogs get, and the location and regimen Kirk uses to work the dogs.  Kirk takes time to do it the right way as evidenced by the low pressure, repetitive training technique and the visible patience he has with the dogs.

I visited several times and was really struck with the progress and finished product.  Blitzen is completely ready to hunt (quartering, steady, backing) and much more obedient than the day I dropped her off.  For an 11 month old pup, that is pretty amazing.

I highly recommend Kirk and not only for the results - I think his passion for training and the attention each dog gets would be very hard to find elsewhere.